Wednesday , 27 May 2020
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SpaceVR aims toward a VR camera in space

SpaceVR aims toward a VR camera in space

SpaceVR is a virtual reality platform set to share live 3D, 360 degree content from the International Space Station (ISS) so that anyone with virtual reality gear can feel like an astronaut. The company was founded in January this year by Ryan Holmes, CEO, and Isaac DeSouza, CTO.

The San Francisco-based company is crowdfunding for their 3D into . “Through the use of 3D, 360-degree cameras, SpaceVR technology feeds livestream footage from the International Space Station’s (ISS) Cupola observatory module back to Earth so consumers can experience space travel in immersive 3D virtual reality,” they said.

The Kickstarter page for their effort said, “Only 536 people have ever been to space; at SpaceVR we ask, what about the other 7 billion.”

They will send a 360-degree camera to the International Space Station to collect footage that anyone can experience using virtual reality headsets. That’s their dream. They would like as many people as possible to experience a VR view of space.

Their camera is called the Overview One. According to the plan, existing camera components are to be combined with parts that will be 3D-printed in space by their partner, Made in Space, they said, and will be assembled on the ISS. “The full camera will be assembled by an astronaut (following directions put together by the SpaceVR team).”

Once that is assembled, the team will collect the first virtual reality footage from space with the help of the ISS Cupola observatory module, with its large windows. (Its windows are used to conduct experiments, dockings and observations of Earth.) There will be footage for backers to view who can use a VR device, including even Google Cardboard.

The SpaceVR team have turned to Kickstarter to fund their first year of operations and the launch of Overview One into space.