Wednesday , 27 May 2020
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Lada Raven supercar concept

Lada Raven supercar concept

Lada supercar anyone? Lada aren’t really known for building supercars. In fact the Soviet-designed sh*t boxes were about as far removed from supercars as the Wright Flyer is from an F-16. And although their current lineup of vehicles is a significant improvement over their past models, they still look more like a mid-’90s Kia, than a 21st century passenger car – with the possible exception of the upcoming 2015 Vesta sedan.

Russian designer Dmitry Lazarev thinks it’s about time his country’s most infamous automaker got their act together and develop a proper supercar. And considering the recent shutdown of Marussia – Russia’s only genuine supercar manufacturer – now might be the time to do just that.

The Lada Raven supercar concept is an outlandish design, with massive gaping grilles up front, huge vents out the back, and enormous, bulbous wheel arches. It doesn’t look much like any previous Lada, but that’s no bad thing. From the renderings it appears Lazarev has envisaged a mid-engine layout for his concept. Although quite where Lada will get their hands on an engine worthy of such a dramatic-looking supercar is a mystery.